Instructions for Running Problets

You should be able to run problets in any recent browser - Internet Explorer, Netscape or Firefox. If your browser does not load the problet, you may have to download and install the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from

Mac Users: If problets do not run on Safari, please download the latest version of Java by clicking on the Apple Menu/Software Update.

Problets transmit session data back to the server by email. Lately, some schools have been disabling email generated by third parties (such as problets) to counter spam. In such cases, the student will still be able to complete the problet session, although with noticeable delay during the times the problet unsuccessfully tries to transmit data to the server. Data from these students will not be included in the report provided to the instructor. Confirmation code printed on the last screen can be used as an alternative mechanism to confirm student's use of the problet.

Amruth Kumar,